Your Cooperative: How KEA Works For You

  1. Consumers

    As a rural electric cooperative, Kotzebue Electric Association starts and ends with you, the consumer. You and your neighbors are the only reason this utility even exists.

  2. Board of Directors

    You and your neighbors form the pool of candidates from with the board of directors is elected. The directors meet regularly to make decisions regarding the utility’s business.

  3. General Manager

    The general manager is hired by the board of directors to oversee the day-to-day business of the utility. He or she answers to the board of directors.

  4. Office Support

    KEA’s office team works at helping customers, collecting payments, scheduling work and maintaining financial records.

  5. Generation System Personnel

    KEA’s power plant mechanical operators oversee 24-hour electric load capabilities for our community. They keep all our engines and mechanical equipment running properly.

  6. Field Personnel

    Among the utility’s most visible employees, the field workers include the linemen and meter readers. They are a vital link in getting power to the consumer.