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2021 Kotzebue Electric Association Election Results

Election Candidates Candidate Total Votes Harold Lambert 132 Lenora Moses 123 Pierre Lonewolf 111 Proposed Bylaw Amendments Proposal 1: Allow Electronic Participation in Member Meetings Yes: 161 No: 16 Proposal 2: Allow Electronic Notice of Member & Director Meetings Yes: 154 No: 24 Proposal 3: Allow Electronic Voting & Clarifying Quorum Yes: 141 No: 33 […]


Welcome to Your Cooperative

This is to acquaint new members — and to remind existing members — of Kotzebue Electric Association with their rights, privileges and responsibilities as members of an electric cooperative. You should know: You are a member of the cooperative. You are legally a part-owner of the cooperative. You have the right to attend your annual […]


Your Cooperative: How KEA Works For You

Consumers As a rural electric cooperative, Kotzebue Electric Association starts and ends with you, the consumer. You and your neighbors are the only reason this utility even exists. Board of Directors You and your neighbors form the pool of candidates from with the board of directors is elected. The directors meet regularly to make decisions […]


Do Your Electric Bills Rise During the Winter?

By Brad Reeve KEA General Manager Every year, KEA receives calls from our members with concerns about their bills and/or meters. We get most of these calls during the winter months, and they come from folks who feel their electric bills are incorrect because they are higher than usual. During the winter, heaters are running, […]


Energy Star Windows: Big Openings to Save Money

With a variety of manufacturers now producing windows, doors and skylights with the Energy Star label, consumers have a big opening to save money on their home and business energy bills. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the average household spends 40 percent of its annual energy budget on heating and cooling costs. […]


Tips For Avoiding Internet Fraud

The National Consumers League offers these tips for doing business with companies over the Internet. Don’t be a victim of fraud. Be sure to: Do business with those you know and trust. Be sure you know who the company or person is and where it is physically located. Understand the offer. Look carefully at the […]