Why do I have to pay a membership and meter deposit?

KEA is a member-owned, non-profit cooperative. According to our bylaws, every potential member is required to pay a membership fee in order to become a member of the cooperative. This is refundable to the member upon cancellation. Paying the fee and being accepted through the Board of Directors entitles the member to the rights and […]

I moved out of that house a month ago. Why am I responsible for the bill?

When a member is preparing to move out of a location where they are responsible for the electric service, the member must contact KEA in advance and schedule a date to disconnect the electric service at that location. KEA has no way of knowing when a member is moving unless they call or stop by […]

Why is my bill so expensive this month?

There are many reasons why your bill could fluctuate either up and down. Most commonly, however, we hear from our members when their bills unexpectedly go up. A few of the first possibilities to consider are: Have there been extra people in the household that could be using more electricity? Do you have old appliances […]

Why did I receive two bills this month?

When the member moves from one location to another, the location for which that member is billed changes as well. The member will be responsible for the electricity used at the previous location up to the point when he or she disconnected service and changed to the new location. This means that a final bill […]