Why do I have to pay a membership and meter deposit?

KEA is a member-owned, non-profit cooperative. According to our bylaws, every potential member is required to pay a membership fee in order to become a member of the cooperative. This is refundable to the member upon cancellation. Paying the fee and being accepted through the Board of Directors entitles the member to the rights and privileges associated with cooperative membership. This includes the eventual paying of patronage capital, which is a return of the earnings made by KEA above its expenses.

A meter deposit is a standard requirement to provide a small safeguard against those who do not pay for their electric bill. When a member does not pay their bill, it is all the other members of the cooperative who must ultimately cover that debt. The meter deposit is not intended to be used for the final bill. It is a way to ensure that the final bill gets paid. When a member’s final bill is paid, then the meter deposit will be refunded.