Designing for the Future

Kotzebue Electric Association debuts website redesign

Kotzebue Electric Association (KEA) has launched a new and improved website, furthering the organization’s position as an industry leader in the community.

The new and improved website supports KEA’s ongoing efforts toward innovative communication platforms.

“We hope the new website reinforces the fact that we are committed to serving our community,” says Matt Bergan. “We strive to give our members the best services they deserve, both in-person and online. The new website allows us to do just so.”

To update and improve the site, KEA officials coordinated with Pioneer Utility Resources, utilizing their web platform, Powerful. Charlie Stanley, Powerful Web Solutions manager at Pioneer Utility Resources, assisted KEA with its website updates. Powerful has supported website and design efforts on more than 200 consumer-owned utilities and related organizations during the last decade.

Powered by People

The new design is based on the latest web and mobile technologies, industry best practices, and detailed user analytics.

Powerful’s team of trusted web experts made informed decisions for the website redesign based on KEA members’ best interests. “In order to create a website that is designed to effectively serve, represent and delight your cooperative members, you must take the time to understand their needs,” says Charlie.

Innovation That Excites

Building KEA’s new website has been a long journey of brainstorming, creativity and collaboration. The result is a website that highlights KEA’s mission in a functional and modern way. Emerging from this work are user experience focused features.

At first glance, the visually stunning website reflects KEA’s unique organization. Powerful’s mobile-first design responds to any sized screen. “Gone are the days of ‘pinch and zoom’ as site visitors will have information automatically resize to fit their device and screen for simplicity and ease of use,” says Charlie.

Beyond aesthetics, creative content strategy provides website visitors with clear, action-oriented content. Members can easily access and understand important information.

Accessibility features provide equal access and equal opportunity to people with diverse disabilities. “Ensuring site visitors who have disabilities can fully access utility websites is vital to providing accessible services to the community,” says Charlie. On-page zoom functionality, alternative text, and mouse-free navigation are some of many features of KEA’s compliant accessible design.

Authentic Connection

The new KEA website is more than just a redesign project. It is a complete reimagination of creating meaningful connections.